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About us

About Us

About Us

發布時間:2020-12-10 09:11:48
Yantai Stomatological Hospital
Yantai Stomatological Hospitalis a vibrant, integrated academic dental center that is entering an era of unprecedented growth in all four areas of its mission: academics, education, research, and clinical care. A commitment to oral health and human well-being has been of utmost importance to Yantai Stomatological Hospital since the founding of the dental hospital in 1952. In over 60 years, with the unremitting efforts of several generations of our faculties, Yantai Stomatological Hospital has evolved to encompass more research endeavors, to innovateinboth dental practiceand dental education, such thatto improve dental healthcare. Itis honored theGrade A dentalhospital,the provincial key dental specialtyclinic, and the provincialexcellent and featureddental specialtyclinic.
The Patient Care Advantage
Organizational structure
There isone main building in the city center and severalother outpatient pavilions in the vicinity areas, which are all belonged to Yantai Stomatological Hospital. Ten main departments with 260 dental chairs and 50 inpatient beds are serving for 320,000 patients each year, with all kinds of dental healthcare including dental implants treatment, oral and maxillofacial surgery, endodontictreatment, prosthodonticrehabilitations, orthodontictreatment, pediatric dental care,and periodontictreatment. There are also several medical assistantdepartments including Oral Pathology Biopsy and Clinical Service, Oral Radiology Service,and Dental Lab.
Updated Techniques
Yantai Stomatological Hospital is always following the cutting edge techniques and medical care equipment internationally. Besides the general techniques and equipment, we established the first dental lab with digital workflow in the province, and pioneered the application of CAD/CAM porcelain restorations, computer-assisted guided implant surgery, and 3D printing technique. The updating techniques, including minimal invasive technique, oral sedation,implant treatment for completely edentulous patients, occlusal rehabilitation technique, general anesthesia technique for the pediatric dental patients, advanced orthognathic surgery, Er.YAG laser, and esthetic dental treatment i.e. lingual braces and invisalign orthodontics, are always in line with international practice.
Excellent quality of dental care
Yantai Stomatological Hospital is vigilant in its commitment to measurable quality in patient care. We have an excellent teamwith a total of 572 staffs, of which, 193 dentists hold PhD or Master degrees, 91 staffs are qualified with senior professional title, 5 are master instructors, and 4 are part-time doctoral supervisors; in addition, 2 people are involved in the project for “Taishan Scholars”. There are also 19 faculties serving with academic titles in the Chinese Stomatological Association, and 77 others in the provincial academic committees. All the staffsare well trained and professional, patients can receive the most professional treatment and the best service here. The “one-stop” service and follow-up maintenance system is welcomed and has received popular recognition. As the dental preventative center and the oral medical care quality-control center, Yantai Stomatological Hospitalis always dedicating to the excellent dental healthcare and social charity activities, and achievednumerous honors in the past several years, including “Provincial Civilized Unit”, “Patriotic health advanced unit”, “Provincial Model Home”, “Provincial Advanced Group”, “Yantai City Workers Congress Advanced Unit”, “Advanced Charity Volunteers Workstations”, and “ Yantai People’s Satisfaction Of Health Service Window”. The annually degree of patients’ satisfaction is over 96%, the hospital thus has been awarded as “the Most Netizen-Satisfied Public Hospital”for 4 years.
The Academic Advantage
Education and collaboration
Yantai Stomatological Hospital is affiliated to Binzhou Medical University, it’s the clinical education base fordental school of Shandong University and Dalian Medical University, provincial training basefor Oral Hygiene and Health, and the standardized training centerforresidents, it’s also one of the “National Clinical Research Centers for Oral Diseases”. For a half century, it has established long-term friendly co-operation and academic exchange programs with both nationaland internationalmedical universities, including Peking University, Vienna Medical University in Austria, ACTAUniversityin Amsterdam, Sydney University in Australia,and other institutions in Korea, the United States and Japan. A number of famous professors from the above universities are engaged as honorable instructors for the talents training. We also signed strategic cooperation agreementwith School of Stomatology, Peking University, for the purpose of improving our research, teaching and the professional levels.
Academic exchange
Yantai Stomatological Hospital is always committed to the development of national dental medicine, it’s responsible for all kinds of professional conferences regularly, various international famous speakers were invited to share their experience and knowledge and the cutting edge techniques to our national dentists, thousands of dentists from all of the country took part in our symposiums each year. In addition, we also sendsome excellent young professionalsabroad to participate international conference,and to study abroad as visiting dentists or research scholars.










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